Wine Growlers Are Here!

We've gone old school. Well, we've always been pretty "old school." But now we've got the wine growlers to prove it. 

You've probably seen growlers before -- they're common at beer breweries. Heck, we get our own every so often (there are so many great breweries around Charlottesville!). But it's pretty likely that, if you're an East Coaster, you've never had one freshly filled with wine. They're not uncommon on California and Oregon and France. But the wine jug has mostly fallen out of common popularity (too bad, eh?).

Back in the day ... “the jug was once the only way to transport wine, and it was poured right out of the barrel, so I guess you could say we’re going really, really old school,” Michael Shaps said. “We’re calling it Mon Bidon, which is French for my ‘canteen.’"

Read more about our Wine Growlers (and why you can only get them filled at our tasting room) via Daily Progress! 

Cost: $10 to buy an empty glass growler, $25 to fill 'er up! 

Where to buy: Our growlers are only available in our tasting room. They're a one-time buy and you can fill and refill them to your hearts desire.

On-tap wine: We always have a white and a red on tap. As of right now (1.29.15) both the red and white are fruit driven blends that are made to be enjoyed immediately, more charming than serious. Perfect as a weekly table wine. The red is Merlot, Cab Franc, and Chambourcin, and the white is Chardonnay and Vidal Blanc. When we run out, we make a new blend, so it will always be changing.

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All photos courtesy of Kim Veillon