Contract Winemaking

Michael Shaps Wineworks is the first winery in Virginia to offer contract winemaking services.  Whether you are an independent grower or a winery with limited capacity, we can get you from the vineyard to the bottle.

We offer several winemaking options, including the ability to be “hands on” in the winemaking process, or if preferred, allowing us to create the wine for you. Our team will set up a consultation to discuss your winemaking goals and work with you to teach you the intricacies of each step in the winemaking process.

Examples of Winemaking Services:

  • Source your grapes through Virginia Wineworks.  
  • We have access to many of Virginia’s finest vineyards and we can offer the choice of many varieties, including Chardonnay, Viognier, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and many others.
  • Once your grapes arrive we will develop a winemaking plan.  
  • If you want to follow each step in the winemaking process or prefer to be involved from time to time, we can develop a plan to fit your needs. 
  • You will work on your wine using our equipment and be on site as often you would like. 
  • We have new and used barrels available for aging and can offer advice on the impact of oak aging on your wine.
  • Virginia Wineworks can arrange the label design, bottling, and brand registration of your wines–if you would like to make it a commercial product. 
  • We can also provide warehousing, distribution, and sales.
  • We cannot offer our services for less than 3 barrels of wine. 
  • Our services are for commercial purposes only.  


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